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AASSA International Symposium & 2013 AASSA Executive Board Meeting - October 22-24, 2013 in Manila,
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AASSA International Symposium on
“Emerging Technologies for a Greener Earth”


in conjunction with
2013 AASSA Executive Board Meeting 
October 22-24 , 2013
Manila, Philippines
Hosted by National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines (NAST PHL)



The International Symposium on Emerging Technologies for a Greener Earth, held in Manila, the Philippines and hosted by NAST PHL, was held in conjunction with the Executive Board Meeting of AASSA, October 23, 2013. The goal of the symposium was to provide a venue for discussing recent developments on emerging technologies in Asian countries, and it aimed to promote the sharing of results of emerging technologies, to identify priority research and development agendas, and to discuss policy implications of research outputs. The symposium included delegates from 14 countries (the Philippines, Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, China, IR of Iran, India, Jordan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Russia, Thailand, and Turkey). The symposium was also attended by many distinguished national scientists and academicians of the NAST PHL and also by approximately 60 local scientists.


The symposium opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony opening the poster session and exhibits presided over by the Honorable Mario G. Montejo, Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology, Professor Won-Hoon Park, President of AASSA, Professor Namik Aras, Vice President of AASSA, and National Scientist Mercedes B. Concepcion, Vice President, NAST PHL. Welcoming remarks were given by National Scientist Mercedes B. Concepcion and the Honorable Mario G. Montejo. The Keynote Address was given by Professor Won-Hoon Park, titled “The Role of Current and Emerging Technologies towards Green Economy and Environmental Attainment of the Republic of Korea.” The symposium was composed of 10 plenary paper presentations and 20 poster presentations. 


AASSA, The Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia
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