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The Meeting of the AASSA External Review Panel - 15-16 July 2015 in Seoul, Korea
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The Meeting of the AASSA External Review Panel


15-16 July 2015

Seoul, Korea


AASSA convened the Meeting of the External Review Panel of AASSA in Seoul, Korea on 15-16 July 2015. Six participants, including Panel members and observers, attended the meeting at the Renaissance Seoul Hotel.


The list of participants is shown below.




Name/ Organization




Goverdhan Mehta, Lily-Jubilant Chair of the University of Hyderabad and Former President of ICSU and INSA

Chairperson, External Review Panel



Yung Woo Park, Professor of Seoul National University and Fellow of KAST

Member, External Review Panel



Krishan Lal, President of AASSA and Immediate Past President of INSA




Won-Hoon Park, Immediate Past President of AASSA and Fellow Emeritus of KAST




Yoo Hang Kim, Executive Director of AASSA and Member of the Executive Board of KAST




Sang-cheol Kim, Secretariat of AASSA and KAST


* Two members of the Panel, Prof. Thierry Courvoisier, President, Swiss Science Academy, and Prof. Salikhov Shavkat Ismailovich, President, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, could not attend the meeting due to the conflict of schedule.


Introduction to AASSA and the External Review Panel of AASSA
Professor Krishan Lal, President of AASSA began the opened by describing the structure and function, strategic and recent main activities of AASSA and the External Review Panel of AASSA: AASSA is one of the four regional networks of the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP). The regional networks are actively pursuing basic objectives of IAP. The Executive Committee of IAP had approved external review of AASSA activity to strengthen it and to enhance the quality and nature of its activities. The Terms of Reference for the Panel are as follows:


1. To review present AASSA activities like Workshop series on areas covered in the broad objectives of IAP and their impact in the Asia-Pacific region and on IAP;
2. To evaluate quality of AASSA output like reports and statements and suggestions for their improvements;
3. To judge level of participation of member Academies in AASSA activities and suggestions to enhance the same, particularly improving involvement of academies from developing economies;
4. To suggest strategies to enhance participation of young scientists and women scientists in AASSA activities; and
5. To make suggestions for enhancing Inter-academy collaboration.


Input presentation – Reports on AASSA Activities (2012 - Present) and Financial Status

Professor Yoo Hang Kim, Executive Director of AASSA, briefly reviewed financial status of AASSA and all the activities that AASSA has either organized, supported, or participated in over the past three and half years since its inauguration in October 2012.


Plenary Group Discussion

After the input presentations by Professors Lal and Kim, plenary group discussion was led by Prof. Goverdhan Mehta, Chairperson, External Review Panel, to clarify any points and to suggest strategies. Key lines regarding this session are as follows:


1. It was observed that AASSA and KAST do not have a formal MoU concerning the status of the AASSA Secretariat. Therefore, it is recommended that the Executive Board (EB) establish a clear system of having an agreement with the host Academy which hosts AASSA Secretariat.
2. It is recommended that the President of the host Academy be included as the ex-officio member of the EB.
3. It was agreed that more engagement is requested among member academies and with young scientists.
4. It was noted that AASSA is about 3 years old and is an evolving organization; therefore, it is important that the EB may devise suitable systems to ensure continuity.
5. Financial sustainability: EB may consider generating resources for AASSA’s own activities.
6. It is advisable that AASSA consider having closer relationship with SCA, ICSU Regional Office and others international organizations in the Asia-Australasian region.
7. Suggestions (or inputs) from AASSA member academies on a draft report of the External Review will be invited in due course.


At the meeting, the Panel members decided that a review report should be prepared and delivered to the Executive Board of AASSA for their perusal. Therefore, it is requested that the Report of the Panel be submitted to AASSA by 31 August 2015. It will be discussed in the Executive Board Meeting scheduled in October 2015.


The Report of the External Review was submitted to the Executive Board.


The detailed program of the meeting is given in attachment.



AASSA, The Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia
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